In this day and age of twitter, facebook, myspace, unlimited text messaging plans, PSP’s, Ipod’s, etc., have we slowly regressed into losing touch with the human experience of meaningful interaction?  Don’t get us wrong, we enjoy most of the same conveniences as the next person, but when we took this image back in November we couldn’t help but to think:  Are these kids missing out on genuine fun by interacting with their hand held devices instead of one another?

Whatever happened to video games only after school before mom or dad came home from work, or just on the weekends?

Sadly, this doesn’t just go for children. I’m sure most of us have been guilty of sending numerous text messages back and forth, instead of just picking up the phone and speaking to the person. Or who of us sends an email to the person sitting right next to us or right down the hall at work?  Or maybe you are visiting friends and you are on your cell phone/ipod more than you are interacting with the person you are visiting? Granted, sometimes circumstances require this, but has society become so reliant on these actions that we actually think technology first, an email, a text, etc.  Would you prefer an emailed/texted “I Love You”, “How is your day?”, “How have you been?” or a verbal one, where you can hear and feel the emotion?

Is this where we are headed, non-verbal communication? If this keeps up, we may lose our voices all together….LOL! So we ask, are we losing touch with what is natural…. Human Interaction. Something to think about!

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