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“Where there is love there is life.”  When friends become family, documenting their special day becomes a privilege.  Damon has been one of our good friends for years. He is laid back, stylish and always fun to be around.  When we met Iris, we could clearly see why they were drawn to one other.  Outside of being beautiful, she too is full of life and has a great sense of humor.  We were able to document the surprise proposal earlier this year and now the time had come to make their union official before everyone.  We could not have asked for a better day than a bright and sunny summer day, celebrating their union surrounded by a host of family and friends.
See what we mean by full of life…
Little  Gabriel showing Damon how to properly wear his shades.
The sign of a true gentleman…tailored suits with your name.We can never say it enough how much we absolutely LOVE  a first look!
It’s ok Damon, let it out…The Stylish Bridal Party.
When friends aren’t ready to let you go…LOL!
Beautiful.We think the families approve.It’s Official!
The beautiful Cescaphe Ballroom
Congratulations Damon & Iris…

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“I have found the one whom my soul loves.” Jennifer and Rich could hardly keep that love contained on their special day.  With their eyes shining bright and big smiles their love showed and spilled out on family and friends who were here to celebrate their union.  You may remember Jennifer & Rich from their relaxed and fun South Street Engagement Session. Fast forward a couple months and we come to this beautiful day they chose to become husband and wife. Enjoy a few of our favorites.

The Beautiful Bride, all smiles.

The Handsome Groom.

The First Look…I think they like what they see 🙂

Sharp looking bridal party.

When your girlfriends get emotional as your rehearsing your vows. (I can’t lie, I (Tiffany) got a little teary also.)

It’s Official!

3 Generations

The love of your parents lasts forever.

Them Bronx Boys…:)

When you meet up with your line sisters, you strike a pose.

Congrats J&R! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness!

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Once in a while, you meet someone who changes everything!” We could not have asked for a better way to end the 2016 wedding season!! When we first met with Sarita & Tayon, after knowing Sarita for many years, we knew that they were a good match for each other.   Hearing their story, seeing how much they had in common and watching the interaction between them, we could see why it didn’t take long for that friendship to grow into something much more.  Tayon seems to be cool & calm, while Sarita has the energy to light up the room.  Enjoy some of our favorites from this special day.

The Beautiful Bride and her Fab 5!

Nothing like a sisters love.

Sarita & her beautiful mother.

As always, the fella’s looked handsome & were ready to get the celebration underway.

It’s something about these next pictures moments that we absolutely love!

We’re married now…let the festivities begin!!!

When your bridal party stays turnt up, despite the chilly weather. Love the energy!



The nights celebration took place at Iatse Ballroom in South Philadelphia.

We hope that you guys keep these same smiles for many years to come.

The most sincere feelings are expressed without words…The love of a parent!

Congratulations S & T! We are sure you have many years of happiness ahead of you.  Thanks for trusting us to document your big day.

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“Love doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be true!” When we first met Andrea and Dave, we knew their love was true.  From finishing each other sentences, to the warm smiles and laughs they shared as they talked about how they met, their proposal and wedding planning, we knew these two where meant for each other.  All the planning was now done and on this beautiful, slightly windy day, these two where about to become husband and wife.  Enjoy some of our favorites from their special day!

LOVE LOVE LOVE these shoes (says Tiffany)

A mother’s love watching her baby on her big day!
We think they are happy!
Distinguished Gentlemen!
Elegant Ladies!

Congratulations again Andrea & Dave!

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