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They started out as good friends and eventually fell in love.  Although this union seemed to have been a long time in the making due to somebody’s denial (Shayna), it is clear to see the love blossom and flourish between these two. You could almost say they were meant to be together.  For what started as two people being introduced at a Bible Study class and sharing a love and mutual interest in what they learned,….to two best friends now inseparable, we have the beautiful story that brings us to this day.

We can remember when S & F first reached out to us to ask about possibly documenting their special day, we were in St. Thomas on vacation but were happy to receive the call.  Shayna & I (Bernard) went to the same high school & college together, and even worked together for a time years ago :)  When they told us the story of how they met, the proposal and vision they had for their big day, we could tell we were going to enjoy this wedding and that we did.  Here are some of our favorites from their special day.  Enjoy!

Show stoppers!

Can you tell someone is excited!?

Shayna had to be reminded of which hand was her right when asked to join hands. :)

After the ceremony, it was time to head over to Celebrations for the reception party.

Ok…let me explain. You will only get this picture if you went to (the best high school in Philadelphia) Central High School.  Being one of the oldest high schools in the country, each graduating class has their own number. I along with Shayna’s sister Erica (far right) are a part of the 258th graduating class, while Shayna is a part of the 255th class….we won’t hold that against them.  Any who, it was decided that we should all take a group picture of all the Centralites :)  It is not a cult, I promise.

Congratulations Shayna & Fred, thanks for letting us be a part of your beautiful day.

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She is Absolutely Beautiful: Those were Rob’s first words about Andrea after seeing her walk the halls at the school where they both taught.  Fast forward to this day and Rob’s sentiments were virtually the same “She is All Mine“.   After getting to know each other outside of their classrooms, Andrea & Rob brought their lessons in love to an all new height as they exchanged vows in unique fashion at the New Jersey Adventure Aquarium.  If you missed the love story of these two teachers, check out their engagement session by clicking here.  To begin documenting this memorable day, we met up with the bride and groom to be, at the Marriott hotel in Center City Philadelphia. We had a chance to work again with the talented Katrina of KG Weddings & Events, which is always fun and with the vibrant Nikki of Mae B Films videography.  Here are some of our favorites.  Enjoy!

Andrea’s lovely daughter Aarin.

Makeup by the ever popular Jenece Horton.

The beautiful ceremony location just over the bridge from Philadelphia at the Adventure Aquarium.

We absolutely adore these next two photos.

We love the classroom theme sprinkled throughout the reception.

In case you were wondering, that cake by Desserts By Dana was incredible.

Congratulations Andrea & Rob!  Thanks for entrusting us to document your lovely day.

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With a love that goes all the way back to middle school, some would say that Janeen & Jonathan are meant to be together.  After being ‘together’ for a couple years in grade school, but subsequently losing touch after Jonathan graduated, it would seem that walking down the aisle would be an impossibility.  How ironic though, that some years later, Jonathan would get a job working with Janeen’s dad & see her picture on his desk.  The sparks would have to wait a few years more before they could fly, until Janeen & Jonathan reconnected at their middle school reunion.  The rest is history as they say & that is what brings us to this beautiful day.  Enjoy!


Can you tell Jonathan was excited about his wedding gift from Janeen…

Ring Security was too cool for school!

After the wedding, it was over to The Merion in NJ for the party reception.

Never let the fire stop burning….

Janeen being serenaded by her sorority sisters.

Congratulations J & J, thanks for entrusting us with your big day!

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It was a “Tale of The Front End Cashier (Rich) Versus The Pharmacy Technician (Melisa)” as told by Melisa. Melisa and Rich met at Rite Aid Pharmacy back in 2008.  Prior to Rich’s arrival to Rite Aid (he was transferred from another store), the manager at the time kept bragging about Rich and all of her comments ended with, “Don’t worry, Rich will get it.”  This had Melisa wondering who is this Rich that she speaks so highly of.  When Rich finally started at Melisa’s location (the better Rite Aid as Melisa would call it), she knew she had to meet him so she could put a face to the name (a handsome face by the way :). One day when Rich was “supposedly” working on the shelves in front of the pharmacy, (Melisa believes he just wanted to get a look at the cutie in the pharmacy) he introduced himself. Rich said, “Hi my name is Richard, but people call me Rich. Melisa with her sarcastic sense of humor replied, “Hi, Richard!,” because Melisa is not “people”. From that encounter sprung a great summer love. Fast forward four years later, Rich proposed after Rihanna’s Diamonds World Tour on 3/14/13! What’s ironic is that Melisa said to Rich the night prior to the concert, “Wouldn’t it be nice if I got my diamond at the Diamonds World Tour?”. Call it woman’s intuition because little did Melisa know, Rich actually purchased the engagement ring a month prior to the concert. July of next year Melisa and Rich are taking it back to where they had their first date, Penn’s Landing.

We look forward to working with them and their family & friends next summer at their Hyatt Regency Philadelphia Wedding.

In one of our emails back & forth planning the engagement session, Melisa said and we quote, “Sorry for rambling. I’m just so happy!”  We can definitely see it!

How cute are these two, they made our job too easy :)

Congratulations on the engagement & upcoming wedding.  We can’t wait to do it again soon!

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The Look of Love – Can’t you feel the love from the above picture?  They are too cute!   After meeting back in 2005 at a house party during their undergrad college years, the time had finally arrived for Danielle & Kalefe to express their love for one another and for the world to see.  We could not have asked for a better way to finish our summer weddings this year (despite the rain), than to get back together with Danielle & Kalefe and their diverse families and friends from all over the world.  If you missed their ‘Spelman meets Morehouse‘ – Engagement Session from back in the spring, be sure to go back and check it out here.  We appreciate them allowing us the freedom to document their beautiful wedding. Enjoy!

We were able to head over to the Double Tree Hotel here in Philadelphia to catch some action of the organized chaos of the guys getting ready.

Even the intermittent rain could not stop them for enjoying the intimate moment of their first look together before they became husband & wife.

Although its almost right in our backyard, this was our first time working at Artesano Iron Works, and we must say we adored the artsy feel of the whole place!

Danielle & Kalefe surprised their guests with a surprise DJ set in the middle of the party, and it turned out awesome!

Congratulations D & K!  We know that your best days are in front of you, but thanks for letting us be there to document your amazing start!

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