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A little while back, we received some awesome news that we would once again be featured in connection with Munaluchi Bride.  This marks the 5th time we have been featured with the awesome team over at Munaluchi & we are extremely excited!  This time we have been featured in print, in their semi annual Spring/Summer 2014 issue.  You can pick up the issue at your local newsstand or bookstore.  Munaluchi Bride Magazine is the #1 print/digital/online wedding magazine serving women of color, multicultural weddings and chic and stylish wedding inspiration.  The chic and stylish print publication is released twice a year in major bookstores across the US and Internationally, and digitally via their website.  Congratulations to Jeronica & Keith for having their stylish wedding featured in the magazine.  If you remember, their wedding was featured last fall on our blog in Part I & Part II.  Happy Friday!! 

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We almost can’t believe that we are already 4 months into the year.  What that means for us is that wedding season is about to pick back up & we couldn’t be happier!  Our very first wedding of 2014 is this awesome couple above.  If you have been coming here often, you will certainly remember Rayne & Karee from their engagement session, just over a year ago at Merion train station here in Philadelphia.  Fast forward to 2014 and we were able to shoot the beautiful union of the two at Beat Street Station also here in Philadelphia.

Rayne’s beautiful mother seeing her daughter, almost ready for her big day.

Rayne presented each one of her girl’s with a personal gift to show just how much they mean to her!

Karee getting the finishing touches before the ceremony.

In keeping with the frame theme from their engagement session, they decided to bring along a prop or two!

It was our first time shooting at Beat Street Station and we must say, we were impressed!

Don’t hurt her Mike!

Before the day’s festivities ended, we were able to sneak away for a few more B & G portraits.

Congratulations again Rayne & Karee, and thanks for trusting us to shoot your big day.

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A while back, before the bitter cold & snow that has hit the Philadelphia region set in, we got a chance to enjoy the nice fall wedding of Karen & Sheron.  We first met Sheron on the day of the wedding, & it was immediately clear to us that the two of them blended very well together.  The two of them seem to be some of the most easy going spirits you could ever meet & their love for one another on this day was evident to anyone who was there to witness.  We started off here in Philadelphia at the Hilton Hotel, before heading over to the Regal Ballroom.

Can you tell Karen’s mom is excited to see her baby in her wedding dress for the first time?!

After Sheron met up with his bride for a first look in the hotel, it was time to head out for a few bridal portraits before heading over to the Ceremony.

While taking a portrait of the happy people, we had mom & dad in the background showing a little love of their own….we love the reaction after the fact!

Then it was off to the Regal Ballroom to make things official!

We had the opportunity to work with our friend Clorise Watson of C. Watsons Decor, who did another wonderful job on the room decor.

Congratulations Karen & Sheron, thanks for sharing your day with us!

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Destiny….that is the word Leia would use to describe how the two of them were meant to be together for a very long time.  Being from the same neighborhood growing up, riding the same bus to different schools together in high school, even their mother’s went to the same high school & signed each others yearbooks when they graduated…just a few years ago :)   Quite some time has passed since the days of Leia & Jerel, noticing each other on the bus to school each day.  Although their spark for each other did not start immediately, once it was given a chance, their bond would be cemented & they would have nothing but a bright happy future to look forward to.    You can tell when you are around these two that they are truly best friends and are each other’s biggest supporters.  We got a glimpse of that earlier this year when we had a chance to shoot their Art Museum engagement session here in Philadelphia.

Well after 6 beautiful years together, the time had arrived for Leia & Jerel to make what they have official, as my buddy Jerel would say.  We were there to document things from start to finish & these are the results!

Leia’s gorgeous mother helping put the finishing touches on the dress.

We could not get enough of Nyla…how adorable is she!

Ok let us just say for the record, WE LOVE THESE NEXT TWO PICS!!!…a raw natural moment.  Sorry Leia, but Nyla upstaged you on this one :)

Simply Beautiful Leia….

Like father like son….Zamir is just too cool for school!

On the right….Beautiful!  On the left…we can’t quite share the adult conversation that was going on but we like the result.

Don’t hurt ‘em too much Rel!

We will end on this intimate note.  Congratulations again & again L & J!  Thanks for allowing us to be there to capture it all.

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