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They were the couple that met in college some years ago and have never left one another’s side.  The road hasn’t always been easy but they have made it work and now look forward to their new life together just across the border in Canada.  We met both Margaret & Jason for the very first time on the day of their wedding.  It didn’t take long for us to see after observing them together that they have something special, something lasting…and we were happy to be there to document one of the biggest days of their life.

As we have alluded to, we are a little behind in blogging, so we have lots to catch up on. So enough of the talking already, on to the images!


Jason waiting patiently for the “woman of his dreams” to meet him at the altar.

…and we’re married now with all smiles!!!

Then it was time to head over to the reception, but not before stopping on Penn’s landing for a few bridal party pics.

How adorable are these two!!

Then it was time to head over to the IATSE Ballroom, where LilyVEvents did a magnificent job in setting the decor for the evening.

Midway through the night Margaret & Jason changed into some more traditional garb & then danced the night away.

We really enjoyed being around so much culture, and all of the colors of the day just made it that much better and brighter.  Congratulations again and again M & J, thanks for trusting us to document your love.  We are wishing you all the best in your new lives in Canada!

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It has been a while since we have been able to share some of our recent ongoing’s, but boy oh boy have we been BUSY!  We have LOTS to share in the coming weeks so please be sure to stop back often.  Here is a little sneak peek of one of the weddings that we have shot over the past month!  More to come!

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A little over a month ago we had the opportunity to get a couple of our new found friends in front of our cameras to shoot their engagement pictures.  It was a relatively cool, bright and early Sunday morning, and they came with their ‘A’ game ready to go.  One of the things that we love about shooting in and around Philadelphia is that their are so many nooks and crannies to take pictures at, each with its own texture.  Rayne & Karee are definitely a fun lovable couple and any nerves that they had about their shoot was quickly dismissed once they settled in and began to do what they do best, enjoy one another’s company.  Enjoy a few of our favorites from the shoot!

We just had to incorporate a picture of ‘Ted’ since Karee used him as a part of his proposal to Rayne.

Believe it or not but, as we had walked ahead of them, they had no idea we had snuck and got this picture from a far….love the outcome!

Shooting in and around one of Philadelphia’s countless train stations.

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They say that almost 40% of all romances have started at work.  Such is the case with Essence & Dave, and that romance is just getting started. What started between the two of them as light flirting in the office some time ago, has turned into wedding bells in 2013.  After many months of planning, the big day had finally arrived, and we were so excited to be there to capture it all.  In case you missed Essence & Dave’s Delaware engagement session, feel free to click here to check it out!  In the meantime here are some of our favorites from the wedding!


The big reveal!

A proud Mommy & Daddy moment!

Ok, so the story behind this cute little crying face is, right after the picture just above was taken, I (Bernard) lowered my camera/lens on my shoulder to grab another camera, just as this little guy was walking right under me and he unfortunately got hit by my lens, which is a very heavy lens (canon 70-200mm f2.8II).  I felt SOO bad. :(  I spent the next 10 minutes apologizing and trying to make him my friend again, and after a couple of tears and a gentlemen’s handshake, I think we were on good terms again.

See what I mean……

We left the Jag & took the Rolls! 


So after Dave finish saying his vows, being caught up in the moment, he must have got a little ahead of himself and was about to kiss his bride before it was time, but Essence’s Dad was there to remind him that she wasn’t quite his yet, he still had a few more minutes.  It made for a great laugh!

After the ceremony, it was time for a few pics before the party began at Stone Barn in Kennett Square.

“I’ll always love my mama!”….Such an emotional moment!

We will end on this high note after Essence changed into her second dress and Dave’s reaction of approval.  Congratulations again E & D!  Wishing you all the best.

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Just this past weekend we had the great opportunity to get together in our beloved City of Love to shoot this beautiful fun loving couple.   To say they have fun together & truly enjoy each others company is almost an understatement.  Erin & Warren met after working together in the world of finance a few years ago and now they are about to take the next step in merging their lives together. We could not have been more happy since this was actually our first time meeting one another, since they booked us to be their own little paparazzi for their special wedding day, coming up very shortly.  We met down on Elfreth’s Alley, which is a popular tourist stop, since it’s only the oldest residential street in the nation, dating back to 1702.   We hope that you enjoy a few of our favs.

Beautiful Erin!

We just loved how after only meeting us a few moments prior, they were totally comfortable with one another in front of our camera.  Their unabashed love for one another definitely made us smile!

This is Erin’s audition for ANTM….well Warren certainly got a kick out of it.

Thanks for being brave Erin, we love the results!

Thanks for letting us into your world for a short time & allowing us to get to know you guys, we look forward to doing it all again very shortly….

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