“Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I’ll give it back.”  There is nothing like a kiss from the one you love and how cute and stylish are these two?  Brittni & Miles have been planning this special day for over a year and the day was finally here. We had the privilege of documenting this special day and for our first wedding of the year, they did not disappoint.  Brittni is sassy, fun and a ball of energy. She compliments Miles smooth & stylish demeanor, but don’t let the serious face fool you, he is hilarious too.  On a crisp winter morning, we traveled to Tiffany’s hometown, New York and the fun began.  Enjoy some our favorite moments of the day.

We love this photo…the Davis’s!

The Stylish Bridal Party.


A Mother’s Love is Forever….

“Don’t forget what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he wanted….He lived Happily Ever After”…Willy Wonka. How great is this personalized Wonka/Davis candy table?

If anyone knows Bernard, you know his love for cereal and this cereal bar was definitely a highlight. (Click Here To See Prior Post)

In New York, we like to party and we, yes we (Tiffany), party right. LOL!

Congrats Brit and Miles…The Best is Yet to Come!!

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