It was a “Tale of The Front End Cashier (Rich) Versus The Pharmacy Technician (Melisa)” as told by Melisa. Melisa and Rich met at Rite Aid Pharmacy back in 2008.  Prior to Rich’s arrival to Rite Aid (he was transferred from another store), the manager at the time kept bragging about Rich and all of her comments ended with, “Don’t worry, Rich will get it.”  This had Melisa wondering who is this Rich that she speaks so highly of.  When Rich finally started at Melisa’s location (the better Rite Aid as Melisa would call it), she knew she had to meet him so she could put a face to the name (a handsome face by the way :). One day when Rich was “supposedly” working on the shelves in front of the pharmacy, (Melisa believes he just wanted to get a look at the cutie in the pharmacy) he introduced himself. Rich said, “Hi my name is Richard, but people call me Rich. Melisa with her sarcastic sense of humor replied, “Hi, Richard!,” because Melisa is not “people”. From that encounter sprung a great summer love. Fast forward four years later, Rich proposed after Rihanna’s Diamonds World Tour on 3/14/13! What’s ironic is that Melisa said to Rich the night prior to the concert, “Wouldn’t it be nice if I got my diamond at the Diamonds World Tour?”. Call it woman’s intuition because little did Melisa know, Rich actually purchased the engagement ring a month prior to the concert. July of next year Melisa and Rich are taking it back to where they had their first date, Penn’s Landing.

We look forward to working with them and their family & friends next summer at their Hyatt Regency Philadelphia Wedding.

In one of our emails back & forth planning the engagement session, Melisa said and we quote, “Sorry for rambling. I’m just so happy!”  We can definitely see it!

How cute are these two, they made our job too easy 🙂

Congratulations on the engagement & upcoming wedding.  We can’t wait to do it again soon!

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