Bella : & the debate about getting a dog.

No this is not a picture of our new dog.  This is Bella, a cane corso and she is my brothers/parents dog.  This picture was taken of her when she was only a couple months old.  Isn’t she adorable?

This raises the never-ending debate in the Hamilton household: to get a dog or to not get a dog.  You know, like when a commercial comes on with a cute dog in it and she gives you that look out of the corner of her eye, as if to say our dog could be just like that, and you pretend to have missed the commercial and proceed to quickly change the subject….We would like to get your opinion.

His side says:

-Who is going to have to walk him when we get home from a wedding around midnight and it’s pouring raining out???

-Sure he or she is cute now but he won’t always be that small (and no a miniature/small dog is not an option folks)

-Who is going to take the lead in training him when she thinks he is just too cute to discipline

This is Bella now:

Her side says:  Before I give you my side let me give you a little history.  Prior to getting married, I was promised a dog. Any dog I wanted I would get after we were married. Once we got married we moved to an apartment where dogs were not permitted, so I was promised when we get a house, I could get a dog. We bought a house a year later and I was once again promised when we were in the house for a year, I could what?  You guessed it…GET A DOG!  It has been almost 5 years and guessed what….. still no dog in the Hamilton household.  I have even given up on the dog I originally wanted (small dog) to compromise for a dog he may like and picked out a name. Sadly, we still have no dog and have been living vicariously through the dog of my in-laws. Hence, the look during commercials.

Now guys you may think, he will be the one to walk it, feed it, train it, etc. but, I have never had a dog and I’ve always wanted one.  I will gladly take care of our new addition and the responsibilities that come with him. I just want a chance!! So now we are asking you, what do you think? Have I been doomed with false hope or do you see a dog in my future? Hopefully your responses will trigger some action. (SMILE)

His side says:

“Why so serious” – Joker from Dark Knight : )

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