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One night last year, as Jen sat up in her room, she wondered what was wrong with Brian and why he was acting so strange. She was about to call it a night but he had something really important to express and wasn’t exactly sure how to get the words to come out right.  It wasn’t because he was upset or wanted to give her a piece of his mind…..but rather he knew that he was about to change their lives forever. Unbeknownst to Jen, Brian was trying to command the butterflies in his stomach to give it a rest long enough for him to tell Jen just how much he loved her and how he wanted to spend the rest of his life showing it.

Brian finally did get those words out and of course she said YES!!!

The day had now come for Jen & Brian’s wedding and we could not have been more thrilled to be a part of it.  Over dinner after their engagement session (Hey Lydia), we had already began to hear stories of just how crazy and fun the bridal party would be……..  Through all the fun that was had on their wedding day, one thing that stuck out to us was just how much Jen & Brian love each other, and how above all else they truly are best friends. That could easily be seen by how many times we could overhear them softly saying ‘I love you sooo much’….or the way they looked into each others eyes before or after a kiss.  Jen & Brian, thanks for allowing us to document your love!


Jen you were absolutely stunning!!

This was such a proud moment for us to be able to capture.  Maryanne, Jen’s aunt was very instrumental in raising Jen since her mother passed away when she was young.

Jen & Brian decided to have a “first look” by getting together before the ceremony for portraits.  We love the idea each time our clients decide to do it, as it affords more time for pictures!

Come in all smiles with one man on her arm.

Leave out all smiles with her other man!

We may have to admit that this may have been the most “into it” bridal party we have shot this year.

Maryanne & Brian’s mom looking on at the first dance.

The toasts always provide for a variety of different emotions.

Jen insisted that Tiffany show her this dance : ) and Tiffany is never one to turn down an opportunity to dance.

We had a great time Jen and Brian, thanks again for letting us be a part of your day.

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There is A LOT to be said about what happened on this day but we will save that for the full wedding post.  For now enjoy one of our favorite shots of the day!

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Sometimes its not about all the posing…the lighting…the composition.  Sometimes its not about whether or not we feel our creative juices are flowing, or whether we feel we did enough location research.  Sometimes its just about documenting the “love & laughter” of 2 people that are in love, and nothing more.  We had the privilege not too long ago of getting to know our friends Aaron & Carmella even better before their upcoming wedding that is bound to be one of the highlights of our year.  Tiffany & Carmella are already BBM buddies (blackberry messenger), and in their corresponding back & forth one of Carmella’s messages read “…after 13 years of doing it alone i’m finally in love.” That immediately struck a chord with us because you can just see it whenever you are around these two, it is nothing but love & laughter and we can’t wait to document it on their wedding day.

More on their story with the wedding post, but for now enjoy a few of our e-session fav’s.  Be sure to click on the subscribe link above to get notified when there is a new post.

In the middle of the shoot Aaron decided that he wanted to break out and dance and this is the result.

We just love shooting in the fall…look at all that color!

This is possibly our favorite shot of the day!

We call this shot Mr. Gentlemen’s Quarterly.

This is the ‘laughter’ part we were talking about : )

Carmella & Aaron, we look forward to documenting your special day coming up very soon.

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In the midst of what is still very much a busy wedding season we have decided that it was time for our blog readers to get to know us a little bit better, so that you can get to know the folks behind the pictures a little bit more.  We figured it would be better if we took turns telling you about each other and get some feedback from some of our readers.  So if you are a past or current client, a friend or family member, or maybe just dropping by, feel free to share some things about you that we might not know.

So here goes it:

1) Bernard has a slight case of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)… really it’s true, and he is the type of person that is almost a complete neat freak & perfectionist.  He even gets into it with his mother still, because whenever he is over their house and inevitably goes in the refrigerator he just has to throw something out that is no doubt pass it’s expiration date, and that is just the beginning.

2) Tiffany is an avid watcher of Chopped, Top Chef and each & every season of The Real Housewives of NJ, DC, ATL, OC, NY, Beverly hills take your pick.  Whether it’s Theresa, Nene hollering at Greg, Caroline letting us know her family is thick as thieves or some random chick singing about being tardy for the party, rest assure that if I walk out of the room for more than 60 seconds the tv will be changed from espn to bravo before I can finish washing my hands in the bathroom : )

3) Bernard looooooves cereal.  Not really a specific cereal, ANY cereal.  On any given day, we may have 10 boxes of cereal in our home.  Thats not bad you may say, 10 boxes, 2 people, may last a month or so, not too bad…. NOT!  I may have a couple bowls of cereal a year.  Those boxes of cereal are solely for Bernard and may last two weeks.  He has no less than 2 bowls a day, and sometimes more.   He can even have a bowl of cereal as an appetizer, if you will, before the real breakfast is made.  Sort of sounds like #1 from above is creeping back into the picture if you ask me.  In fact here is a picture taken not that long ago of just a few of the boxes from the cabinet!  (Bernard says: Please don’t judge me!)

4) Tiffany dresses from the shoes up.  Yes you heard it correctly.  She loves shoes (big surprise there), and has to determine which shoes she feels like wearing for the day before determining which outfit she will wear that day.  We will keep point #4 short because I could go on and on about this one but for the sake of peace I will refrain : )  In fact here is a pic of a recent favorite that I have seen around the house.

5) In case you were wondering, no the discussion about getting a dog still has not settled down 1 bit in the Hamilton household since our original post regarding the debate about getting a dog.  We shall see what the future holds in that regard, and no that is not in anyway a hint or leaning towards any one direction : )  So for the time being this is the only dog that we have, a stuffed animal that Tiffany has resorted to putting a leash on and sitting on the dresser.

So there you have it, 5 things that you may or may not have know about Bernard & Tiffany.  As we mentioned feel free to share some things about you that we may not be aware of.

Happy Wednesday!

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10-10-10…was probably one of the most popular wedding dates of the year and with a date as unique as that, how could it not be.  One of the cute things about Jeannette & Jamie is that Jamie was allowed to chose their wedding date, and of course a guy as unique as Jamie had to chose 10-10-10.   Jamie even said that he threw out there maybe 11-11-11 and…..of course Jeannette wasn’t buying it.  You might remember Jeannette and Jamie from there engagement session here. Anywho, we started the day at the lovely Sofitel Hotel in center city Philadelphia, which made for a great location for bridal prep pictures.

Jeannette had a personalized cake topper made in resemblance of her and Jamie along with their 2 dogs…how cute!

We headed over to Logan Circle for Jeannette & Jamie’s first look.  We love it when our clients elect to see each other before their ceremony.  It can generally allow for the bride & groom to not have to miss out on their entire cocktail hour.

We just love all of the emotion involved in a first look.

Can you tell that Jamie was excited about the fact that he was about to marry his best friend???

Jeannette you look absolutely content & happy!

We then headed over to the German Society for the ceremony & reception.  We love the old time feel it provided.

The only way we can explain this next sequence is that Jeannette was having some fun with this little guy and he was just enamored by her dress so this is the result : )

We had time for a few more quick B&G pictures and we cannot ask for better clients that are willing to go along with some of our sometimes abnormal ideas…….and we love the results!

Their were a number of different toasts and they always provide a range of different emotions.

Jeannette & Jamie had the fine folks at The Franklin Fountain provide some very unique & tasty ice cream (yes we got a chance to have some & it was awesome!)

How could we not include a picture of  this couple with their matching heart shape shirts (Btw, they glow in dark).

What a perfect way to end the night. Congrats again Jeannette and Jamie!

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