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It’s not every weekend that we have as much fun as Ron & I had shooting Shimia & Ziaire’s wedding.  Shimia & Ziaire were married a few weeks back on yet another 90+ degree day here in Philly.  Thankfully we had a morning rain shower to cool things off just a bit. Enough talk, enjoy the images!

This is a picture that Shimia had attached to her bouquet in memory of her late mother.

Just after this moment the bridesmaids were all on the other side of the room singing their own rendition of  “She’s Your Queen”, a scene from the movie Coming to America.

Can you tell by the image that each groomsman is trying to hide the girls bouquets that they had to hold just before walking down the aisle.

This next image is at the request of one of the bridesmaids. : )

Thats right Ziaire, whisper sweet nothings into her ear.

Shimia & Ziaire, thanks for giving us the opportunity to share in your special day!

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Appetizer: Lobster and shrimp California rolls, Short ribs, and edamame.

Dinner: Braised beef in a wine sauce with mash potatoes, broccoli rabe and carrots, ahi tuna, butterfish, salmon and wild rice.

Dessert: CHOCOLATE SOUFFLE with vanilla ice cream drizzled in a raspberry sauce!

This is the first thing we thought about this past Sunday morning, in anticipation of the WONDERFUL dinner we were going to have later that day.  However, that meal was never had!  We woke up this past Sunday to some very disturbing news. We began our day attempting to make reservations to our favorite restaurant on earth…ROY’S.  Not like we needed an excuse, but this time we were going for Bern’s parent’s 29th anniversary.  That’s a long time you say? YES it is, and what better way to celebrate than to enjoy a nice meal at one of the best places on earth.  The ambiance, the food and the staff make it an enjoyable experience whenever we visit (which was quite often I must say, LOL!)

We digress, back to the story.  Things took a turn for the worst when we called Roy’s (which we tried for almost half of the day on Saturday) and continually received a busy signal.  We thought something was definitely wrong, but we will try again in the morning.  Now it is Sunday morning, we thought maybe it was too early to call, but we tried anyway hoping to at least get an answering service, right? Well we didn’t!  We then decided to google the restaurant and that’s when it hit us like a ton of bricks.  This is how we found out the one place we could count on for comfort when things got a little rough, to celebrate special occasions or to simply enjoy ourselves, had closed its doors here in Philadelphia for good!!!  HOW COULD THEY…..they didn’t so much as give us a call, shoot us an email, or even send a courier to inform us of this most disturbing news. Devastated we wondered, how will we celebrate special occasions, anniversaries, and basic TGIF moments?  Where will we be able to get such tasty Butterfish, such mouth watering tender slow braised beef, or the greatest chocolate soufflé we have ever tasted???  Our sadness turned to anger, when we realized we didn’t get a chance to have at least one last goodbye meal.  Our morning was crushed as was the rest of the family joining us for dinner, who also knew of the wonderfulness (is that a word?), that is Roy’s.

We immediately looked up the next closest Roy’s location to Philadelphia.  There had previously been one in NY, so we figured that wasn’t too far, we can use that location.  Our hearts sank further when we saw Roy’s NY was also closed and the closest location to us is now in Baltimore, Maryland, near the Harbor.  Coincidentally, we will be shooting a wedding in October in Baltimore, so rain or shine guess where we will be having dinner the very next day???  You better believe it. ROY’S!!!!  There is a rainbow at the end of this storm cloud!

Until then, we are seeking suggestions for a possible replacement. (As if anything can replace Roy’s, smh, but we can try.)  Let us know what your favorite restaurant is.  We will try and do some restaurant hopping over the next few weeks and maybe select our favorite.  Whoever’s restaurant is chosen will get dinner on us.  Let us know!

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You may remember Kisha & Mike and their adorable family from the e-session pictures we took of them a couple of months back.  Their wedding was just a few weeks ago and it was definitely a fun-filled event.  Kisha & Mike were married at Drexelbrook Catering & Banquet Hall in Drexel Hill and it was a gorgeous affair from start to finish.  We must say it was a rather warm hot day but we managed to walk away with some equally hot nice images!

These little guys were pretty funny, with any picture we took of them they wanted to see it immediately.

One last review of the vows that they wrote out themselves.

Did we mention it was a little warm hot that day?

….and the ever classic gazebo shot.

As we were stepping back into the car from the outside photo location I noticed Kisha & her mom standing outside the limo talking with bright smiles on their faces, so I quickly grabbed a camera from off of the seat in the back of the car and got close enough to get this shot….I’m glad I did.

Kisha & Mike, thanks for allowing us to share in your most special day!

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It is truly amazing how quickly babies grow in just a short period of time.  You may remember this cute little guy from his first pictures we took the end of 2009, when he was just a few weeks old.  A couple weeks before we were set to meet in Philly’s Rittenhouse Square, Migna (the proud mommy), sent us a picture she had taken of Elijah with her cell phone, and we almost could not believe how fast he had grown.  I don’t know about you but we would feel some type of way if we as adults grew that much in such a short period of time.  Anywho, Elijah had a full belly and was fresh off a good nap so he was a joy to shoot.  Enjoy!

If you are asking yourself after looking at the picture below on the left, “Are those books in a different language?.”  You would be correct, Elijah is growing up in a bilingual household and we’re hating.  He is already gonna have a nice resume!

Doesn’t this picture just scream “I don’t have a care in the world.”

See, didn’t we already tell you this little man is going to be smart, look at that, reading at 6 1/2 months….lol.


We neglected to mention that he is already teething, hence……

Already a Philadelphia sports fan.

Is it me or does it look like he is waiting on the bus and is about to look down at his watch???

Ok at this point Elijah had just about enough of me pointing the camera at him and he decided that it was time to end the shoot so this is the last shot I took.  We have a feeling that about 20 years from now he is going to come after us for posting this.

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